CarrolltonĀ Garden Railroad Display


 Updated October 26, 2013

Welcome to our Carrollton Garden Railroad Christmas layout, also known as the Keystone and Bluebonnet Railroad! 

We began building this layout in 1992 and opened our backyard to our neighbors on Christmas Eve.  Each year more and more people would visit, including those just driving through the neighborhood to enjoy the displays.  People would always comment that they would be willing to pay to see our backyard each year, but we didn't want to make it a commercial venture.  So in 1996 we began asking for a canned food item or donation to the local Metrocrest Food Bank to see the layout.  No one is ever denied admission, but we ask you to help others during the holiday by contributing.  We have welcomed over 39,000 visitors who have donated over 126,000 pound of food.

During the 2012 season, we welcomed 1,098 visitors who donated a total of 8909 items/pounds of food with the cash donated and cans provided to us!  

While we will take any and all food donations for Metrocrest Social Services, your cash actually goes a lot farther since they can purchase what they need (at a major discount to what you or I can buy at any store).  Still, each and every donation is appreciated.

Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 753 who have given of their time and energy to help us put up our display and run the trains.
We will be back again for the 2013 Christmas season and will be open each evening, weather permitting, from 7pm to 10pm, Friday - Sunday, Dec. 13-15 and Friday Dec 20  thru Tuesday Dec 24.  You can help us by telling your friends about this website and visit us this season!

We are near the corner of Rosemeade Parkway and Marsh Lane in Carrollton.  Go one block north of that intersection and turn right on Glen Morris.  We are on the fourth street on the right on the corner.

Cameras and videos welcome.

Because of the limited space available, please watch your children and stay within the viewing area.


Call (972) 306-4444 for details.

Bob and Cindy Roerig
3710 Poplar Court
Carrollton, TX   75007

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